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Many plastic surgery offices are secretive when it comes to prices.  Dr. Gross doesn’t believe that pricing should be a mystery.   Our prices are competitive with all practices in Santa Barbara and significantly less than many other locations.

The following is a list of procedures and the cost associated with them.  Prices include the surgical fee as well as the anesthesia charge and follow up. The facility fee will be additional and will be between $800 and $1200.  Of course this is only a guide line and individual costs may vary.  Multiple procedures are discounted.

Breast  Augmentation        $7150.00 (Gel or Saline)  
Breast  Augmentation and Lift      $9800.00 (Gel or Saline) 
Breast Reduction $7600.00
Breast Lift     $6750.00
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $8200.00
Mini-Abdominoplasty $7500.00
Brachioplasty (arm lift) $8200.00
Thigh Lift $8200.00
Rhinoplasty $6800.00
Liposuction (up to 2 areas) $6950.00 – $850.00 each additional area
Necklift $10000.00
Anterior Necklift $6800.00
Eyelids-Upper and lower $5150.00
Eyelids-Upper or lower alone $4150.00
Facelift $12000.00
Facial Implants $3800.00
Browlift $7150.00
Otoplasty (ear re-shaping) $5150.00 both – $4150 one side only
Cheek Lift $4600.00
Laser Resurfacing Full Face-CO2/Portrait Plasma $3600.00
Laser Resurfacing-eyes or mouth $1600.00
Laser Resurfacing-mouth & mouth $2600.00
IPL & ST  $395.00 per treatment / Pixel $495.00 per treatment. IPL/Pixel- $650.00 360 package- 3 of each treatment 4th treatment is FREE
Dermabrasion $800+Varies
Lip Augmentation-PermaLip Implant $2400.00 
Injectables  $600.00-$950.00 per syringe
Botox $400.00 (one area) – $550.00 (two areas)