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    Many plastic surgery offices are secretive when it comes to prices. Moreover, Dr. Gross doesn’t believe that pricing should be a mystery. Our prices are competitive with all practices in Santa Barbara and significantly less than many other locations.

    Furthermore, the following is a list of procedures and the costs associated with them. This price includes all pre and post-op care, as well as any implants and surgical garments. However, The facility fee at Surgical Arts Surgical Center and the anesthesia fee are additional. These run between $1,500 and $5,000 depending upon the length of the surgery.    Of course, this is only a guideline and individual costs may vary. Multiple procedures are discounted significantly.

    Breast  Augmentation        $7,150.00 (Gel or Saline)  
    Breast  Augmentation and Lift      $10,300.00 (Gel or Saline) 
    Breast Reduction $7,600.00
    Breast Lift     $7,600.00
    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) $8,200.00-$11,200
    Mini-Abdominoplasty $7,500.00
    Brachioplasty (arm lift) $8,200.00
    Thigh Lift $8,200.00
    Rhinoplasty $7,500.00
    Liposuction $7,950.00 (up to 2 areas)
    $1500.00 each additional area
    Necklift $12,500.00
    Anterior Necklift (front part only) $6,800.00
    Eyelids-Upper and lower $5,150.00
    Eyelids-Upper or lower alone $4,150.00
    Facelift $14,500.00
    Facial Implants $3,800.00-$5,500
    Browlift $7,150.00
    Otoplasty (ear re-shaping) $5,150.00 both
    $4,150 one side only
    Cheek Lift $4,600.00
    Fat injections to face (alone) $7,000 – $8,250(includes fat harvest) 
    fat injections at time of other facial or lipo surgery $2,500.00
    BBL (fat injection to Buttock) includes harvest $9,500.00
    Buccal Fat Pad reduction (alone) $6,500.00
    Dermabrasion $800+Varies
    Lip Augmentation-PermaLip Implant $2,400.00 upper or lower.  $3,500 both
    Injectables  $700.00 – $950.00 per syringe
    Botox $450.00 (between eyes and crows feet)
    $600.00 (plus forehead)


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