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    Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation Santa Barbara

    Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty.  It is a surgical enhancement procedure that adds volume to a woman’s breasts by using implants.  Implants come in many types.  The two broad categories are silicone gel and saline.  Both types of implants give beautiful, soft breasts that can look and feel natural.

    Implant Options: Finding Your Perfect Fit

    Women who are small breasted or who have lost volume following pregnancy and nursing are candidates for this enhancement procedure.  Some women have other problems that they wish to improve like sagging or asymmetries.  These can be addressed and corrected at the time of surgery using a variety of techniques.  The specifics depend on an individual’s anatomy, desires, and other factors.  The surgical plan cane determined at your consultation.

    Tailoring Your Transformation

    The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at our state-of-the-art surgical center with the patient under a light general anesthesia. Breast augmentation starts by making a small incision in one of several inconspicuous locations. The most common is an incision made in the lower portion of the breast but also can be approached from around the nipple or in the armpit.  The breast tissue is then raised to create a pocket under the breast tissue alone or also beneath the pectoralis muscle.  An implant is then placed within the pocket. The implant size can be chosen by the patient to achieve her desired result.

    Inside the Operating Room: The Surgery Unveiled

    A light bra dressing is applied right after surgery to aid the healing process and to minimize movement of the breasts.  Normal activity is achieved within 2 weeks.  Patients report minor pain associated with the surgery which can be treated effectively with oral medication.

    Bouncing Back: Navigating Recovery

    Significant complications are uncommon and patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by the physician after surgery.  Nipple sensitivity may change but this is usually temporary.  Bruising and swelling resolve quickly.  Scar tissue may form around the implant making them feel firm but this can be treated.  Implants may need to be exchanged during a patient’s lifetime for a variety of reasons but no routine exchange is required.

    Tackling Troubles: Dealing with Complications

    The overwhelming majority of women are very pleased with their results.

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