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    Body Lift

    Body Lift Santa Barbara

    A body lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove and tighten excess skin of the torso. During the normal aging process, or commonly after massive weight loss, there is a laxity and loss of elasticity of the skin.  This may lead to unsightly creases or folding of the skin and sagging of the hips or buttocks. In conjunction with liposculpting, removal of the excess skin and lifting of the remaining skin improves the contours and appearance of the body. Various surgical techniques may be used to address an individual’s  problem areas. All these techniques require incisions that result in a scar. The scar is planned to be hidden in clothing and should heal well to leave an improved appearance both in an out of clothing.

    The surgery may take several hours to perform. A bulky dressing is applied right after surgery but that is replaced by a simple abdominal binder or girdle the first post operative day. Tubes may be placed to drain excess fluid and these are removed within the first few days. There is some pain associated with surgery which can be treated with oral medication. Recovery time varies, but most patients are back to normal routine in 2 weeks. It may take longer to resume more strenuous activities. While complications are rare they include wound healing issues, obvious scars, fluid accumulation under the skin requiring drainage or other more serious events. Details are discussed at the consultation and based upon a patient’s own anatomy and personal history. Patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions that are given before and after the surgery.

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