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    Fat Grafting

    Aging Backwards: The Power of Fat in Facial Rejuvenation

    Plastic surgery is steadily improving and as more innovations appear, the more exciting the field becomes.
    Fat grafting is a technique that makes the best of the unwanted fat in your body. The fatty bulges that line your abdomen, love handles or thighs don’t need to be thrown away after a liposuction procedure. Instead, the same fat can be transferred to the face to improve the facial contour.

    Crafting Timeless Beauty: Enhancing Facial Architecture with Fat

    The procedure is particularly appealing due to the fat’s natural elements. It’s your own fat from your body, just injected elsewhere. The result does not look overly augmented and poses no risk of rejection.

    Beyond Traditional Surgery: Exploring the Boundaries of Cosmetic Enhancement

    Volume loss you in the face is what is most responsible for aging and is a direct result of fat dissipation. Increasing volume with replacement fat is the most natural way to enhance your appearance. With fat transfer, you replace exactly what you lost with aging. You will look and feel as you always have, but with a subtle addition that rejuvenates your face and body completely.
    Restoring the natural architecture of the face involves adding fat to hollow areas. With the addition of fat, we can construct the ideal facial shape that helps you look younger and feel refreshed.

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