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    Breast Reduction

    Breast Reduction Santa Barbara

    One of the most rewarding plastic surgical procedures is breast reduction.  For women undergoing this surgery the results can be life changing.

    Breaking Free: The Essence of Breast Reduction

    Breast reduction (or reduction mammaplasty) is an operative procedure that improves the position, shape and size of the breasts.  Large, pendulous breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain as well as interfere with daily activities.  Shoulder grooving from bra straps and rashes beneath the breasts can also be a problem.  Women who take advantage of the breast reduction procedure find that they are able to lead a healthier, more comfortable lives.   Also, a lifetime of heavy breasts may lead to sagging and stretched out skin and large areola.  The cosmetic results of surgery are usually very beautiful yielding the size and shape breasts desired by the patient.

    Craftsmanship in Technique Selection

    There are several different surgical techniques in which to perform a breast reduction.  The particular technique is chosen based upon the individual woman’s anatomy and desires. The main differences between techniques is the way in which the nipple is repositioned.  It is best to keep the nipple attached to the breast while preserving the nerve and blood supply.  This keeps sensation intact.  Removing the nipple and replacing it as a graft is done in rare cases.  In any technique   liposuction can be added for shaping.  The resultant scar is around the areola and then down to the breast crease. (sometimes referred to as the lollipop incision).  Additionally, there may be an extension in the breast fold underneath (anchor incision)  The best procedure will be determined during the initial consultation visit.

    Beyond Beauty: The Unseen Rewards

    Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction  has some of the happiest patients.   Patients are pleased with the elimination of physical pain caused by large breasts as well as a better proportioned body, an enhanced appearance, and better fitting clothes.  Many breast reduction patients had considered surgery for a long time and wish they had done it sooner.

    Bouncing Back: A Swift Recovery Journey

    The recovery after breast reduction surgery is straightforward.  The breasts are taped after the procedure and place in a surgical bra. The patient can shower after 2 days and is usually back to normal activity in a weeks time.    Once the dressings are removed a simple covering on the incision area is all that is needed. Women can also wear a regular bra within a week.  Any pain can be treated with oral medication and is usually minor.  Complications are rare but may occur.  Wound healing issues are possible as well as nipple sensitivity changes.  In younger patients breast feeding possibility is usually preserved but may be at risk. Patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the instructions given after surgery.



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