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    Thank you for visiting our website. For over 25 years, Howard Gross M.D. has been offering a full range of leading edge plastic surgery procedures, with the goal of achieving the results that his patients desire. Dr. Neavin has brought Beverly Hills plastic surgery to Santa Barbara, helping men and women look and feel their best.

    • Face

      because you're in control and can transform the way you age.
    • Breast

      to feel her best and to look the way she wants to look.
    • Body

      but sometimes there are things you need a little help changing.

      Dr. Howard Gross is an ASPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has helped countless patients feel more confident and live happier lives. He has lived and practiced in beautiful Santa Barbara for over 25 years. If you live in SB you probably know many of his happy patients. Dr. Gross was voted Best Plastic Surgeon for the last 5 years the survey was held in the SB Newspress.
    • About Dr Neavin

      Dr. Neavin is a board certified and renowned plastic surgeon whose treatment philosophy is one of simplicity: keep surgery safe and keep it natural. This is how he continues to provide the results that his patients rave about. Looking at passersby, they may appear to have the perfect body and facial contour, which may provoke your interest in enhancing your look. Looking good without the tip-offs of having had plastic surgery is the goal. This is Dr. Neavin's expertise.

      We don't believe that pricing should be a mystery.
      Our prices are competitive with all practices in Santa Barbara and significantly less than many other locations. We also offer financing.
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